Thursday, March 11, 2010

Olympians! Love them Half-Bloods!

Alright my wonderful readers, I have decided to post an article on a movie my kid wanted to see. We went to see it, now here is my review.

I am sure some of you have heard of the new movie, "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief". So far I have read each of books 1 through 5, but I have to say the movie was an abomination. Had I never read the book, I would have thought the movie was very neat and creative and the beginning of a series set to take on Harry Potter.

SPOILER ALERT: In the book, Annabeth, who is supposed to be this average sized (for a 12 yr old) little blonde girl with a baseball cap, is cast as a tall redheaded (more like dark auburn) gladiator! The latter description matches Clarisse, who hates Percy and is the daughter of the god Ares. Additionally, the character of Clarisse is conveniently left completely out of the movie. This is very odd as she plays such a prominent part in the book. They missed the mark in so many ways: Many critical parts of the book were left out and actually cause the movie to be so unlike the book, I wonder if the producers/writers even read the thing before undertaking the production! Ugh very frustrating

As an aside, I have read all of the Harry Potter books, and the production team was able to deliver fairly accurate iterations of the books while maintaining the quality and integrity of the story.

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