Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday, Zachary!

Dear Zac,
15 years ago today God gave us another child. You. We love watching your mind work as you use it to solve problems, reason through life's trials, and navigate the complex relationships and opportunities that will shape you as you traverse adolescence and make your way to adult-hood.

We know the challenges you will be facing as you blaze the path of glory that will ultimately allow you to realize your dreams by shedding light on the goals you will achieve to get there. We are here for you to use as sources of experience, knowledge and wisdom.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to make any changes you need to ensure you go through each and every day, taking the time to learn new and valuable information, surrounding yourself with the people who will challenge your intellect, driving you to success, and pushing you to grow and experience all the opportunities life has to offer.

May the Lord wrap you in his influence, and grace you with the wisdom to minister to others on your journey in life.

- Love, Mom and Dad

Friday, February 8, 2013

ZOMG!!! Android ICS for my HTC Thunderbolt!

I waited... I waited almost a year in anticipation of Verizon's 4G network and the potential of what would come from it. My contract had already expired, and I waited. When the Thunderbolt was first released by Verizon, I waited another month for the reviews, then I bought it. I was so excited, speed, power, data, information, at my fingertips! Yes!!!

Then, Android Ice Cream Sandwich was announced to be released for 2012... Again, uber-excited! Then delay, after delay, after delay. Six months later, nothing. July... August... October... November... nothing. Then another announcement in January of this year, 2013. Well, I was eagerly anticipating this, but held no expectations. HTC and Verizon had already pushed it back a year. Finally, just a few days ago, as February was getting started the actual roll out was announced. What? Really??!! Woohoo!

So I ran the update. Saw the neat new lock window and thought "This is going to SWEEEEEEET!"

I unlocked the screen and there was a bit of a delay while the "Loading..." screen showed. Then I started trying to navigate. Yes, TRYING. This was the slowest, most sluggish environment I had used in ... years!. the following represents the string of expletives that issues forth while trying for 3 days to resolve the sluggiish UI: !@#)&^#$@^@#)  !@#%^%#$@)!@_&P $%&$ *(&# ^&@#( %^!@(& #$ %!@# % #)*%^&@#(%!@#

OK, I was done. Annoyed beyond belief. I had tried everything I could think of and everything that had been suggested online, expect a factory reset. I really didnt wat to do that. I would have to reload all of my apps. All off them. /cry.

I figured at this point, I really dotn have anything to lose. So I performed a factory reset. An hour later after running through the setup, adding back a couple of often used apps, I was feeling pretty good. The UI was responding well, and the delay was gone. Obviously there was something causing the issue. For now, I am good to go. Its working well, and I still love my android-powered THC Thunderbolt.