Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today's Job Market

So I have been searching for regular work for a bit now, and despite the thousands of application and resume submissions I have made, I have yet to be presented with an opportunity besides sales. Now I have to say that i HATE sales, I think most salespeople are uneducated, lairs, or both. I for one do not appreciate the subtlety of sales, and despise the idea of pushing a product/service at someone.

In an effort to continue building my social network, I have often offered my services, and experience to those whom I feel would benefit from it, at zero cost. I figured, ahy not? I might be able to build additional relationships and land a nice gig that way. I even published a small document showcasing the different aspects of a business with which I would be able to assist: Responsibility of an Operations Manager

Oddly enough, I am apparently unable to give away my experience, knowledge, etc.! Very frustrating... O.k. that's it for now. Getting too frustrated to type more.