Friday, February 26, 2010

To Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning for BLOCKING Unemployment Insurance Benefits!

Dear Senator Jim,

I am one of the many, Many, MANY unemployed Americans who have lost their jobs because of the bureaucratic non-sense you politicians have been playing at for the last 30 yrs. Because there was no oversight in the housing industry to keep the mortgage companies, appraisers and real estate agents from NOT acting in the best interest of your constituents, the housing market blew up in everyone's faces. Because the US does not put sanctions on local business that buy overseas, and does not give appropriate tax breaks and leniency for purchasing domestically manufactured goods and services, my job, as well as millions of others have been outsourced, or downsized to other nations. And now, you are going to be the lone ranger in withholding Unemployment Insurance benefits? Just exactly on whose behalf does that decision make any sense? If you feel that WE, Americans, who do not have adequate job opportunities because of the Senate and House and house decisions for the last 2-3 decades, should not be receiving compensation for your screw ups, I mean decisions, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, no no, you CERTAINLY should not receive your Pay, spending account or any other job related privileges for the next year!! What do you think, Jim??? Are you ready to give up the benefits you are preventing us from having? If the US Citizens pay YOU, and you are preventing us from getting paid, then you SHOULD NOT be paid either!

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