Friday, September 25, 2009

Stupid Laptop

OK I am really really frustrated now. My stupid laptop will not boot into Windows... AAARRRGH. I have done a factory refresh of the whole OS Partition, complete with reformat. I have tried checking the memory chips, cleaning out all the dust -- Still no joy. OMG! I want to throw it against a wall.

I bought it from Fry's, and the warranty expired the beginning of the month. Apparently, the warranty and MFRs warranty run concurrently, so instead of a 3 yr warranty, it appears I paid for a 2 yr 9 mo warranty. Oh Cheesypoofs! I am so mad.

Now, after sinking $3k into the wife's Honda Odyssey to fix the transmission, I don't have the cash to replace the laptop. Not to mention, I am still unable to land a job. /SlamsFaceIntoKeyboard

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