Friday, February 8, 2013

ZOMG!!! Android ICS for my HTC Thunderbolt!

I waited... I waited almost a year in anticipation of Verizon's 4G network and the potential of what would come from it. My contract had already expired, and I waited. When the Thunderbolt was first released by Verizon, I waited another month for the reviews, then I bought it. I was so excited, speed, power, data, information, at my fingertips! Yes!!!

Then, Android Ice Cream Sandwich was announced to be released for 2012... Again, uber-excited! Then delay, after delay, after delay. Six months later, nothing. July... August... October... November... nothing. Then another announcement in January of this year, 2013. Well, I was eagerly anticipating this, but held no expectations. HTC and Verizon had already pushed it back a year. Finally, just a few days ago, as February was getting started the actual roll out was announced. What? Really??!! Woohoo!

So I ran the update. Saw the neat new lock window and thought "This is going to SWEEEEEEET!"

I unlocked the screen and there was a bit of a delay while the "Loading..." screen showed. Then I started trying to navigate. Yes, TRYING. This was the slowest, most sluggish environment I had used in ... years!. the following represents the string of expletives that issues forth while trying for 3 days to resolve the sluggiish UI: !@#)&^#$@^@#)  !@#%^%#$@)!@_&P $%&$ *(&# ^&@#( %^!@(& #$ %!@# % #)*%^&@#(%!@#

OK, I was done. Annoyed beyond belief. I had tried everything I could think of and everything that had been suggested online, expect a factory reset. I really didnt wat to do that. I would have to reload all of my apps. All off them. /cry.

I figured at this point, I really dotn have anything to lose. So I performed a factory reset. An hour later after running through the setup, adding back a couple of often used apps, I was feeling pretty good. The UI was responding well, and the delay was gone. Obviously there was something causing the issue. For now, I am good to go. Its working well, and I still love my android-powered THC Thunderbolt.

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